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The Importance of Our Home

Home Concepts magazine For most of us, our home represents the most expensive single purchase wewill ever make in our lives. Most of us go to some lengths to inspect its structuralintegrity. We may then spend a good deal more redecorating, to suit our individualtastes. Why?Because for those with sufficient means it is a showpiece. …

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Art of Aligning Life Force

The Star Lifestyle, Malaysians Abroad, Monday September 23, 2002Art of Aligning Life Force Feng shui masters believe that we can alter one-third of our luck by applying the principles of feng shui to harness the life-giving forces of nature, writes MAJORIE CHIEW. IS FENG shui a superstitious practice? Does it involve evil spirits? The answer to …

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Feng Shui might

The Star Lifestyle, November 8, 2005Feng Shui mightBy Majorie Chew Halfway through a feng shui course, a woman started weeping. The alarmed feng shui grandmaster later found out the cause of her sadness. The woman was convinced that if she had taken the course earlier, she could have saved the lives of her husband, an in-law and …

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