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Transforming People's Lives

The purpose of this site is to be completely open about my lineage, my life and what I can bring to you.  If at any point you would like to go straight to my services, please click here.

I am an internationally renowned Master of Traditional Chinese Feng Shui and Traditional Chinese Martial Arts and the designated holder of the Yap Cheng Hai lineage.

I am passionate about transforming people’s lives.  I enrich people’s lives through transforming their living and work spaces into prosperous places.   I am also known for improving people’s health and vitality through working with their breath, body and mind and through Yanshougong the Art of Longevity.

A holder of Master of Science and Master of Business Administration degrees, I have had an acknowledged twenty year career in the biomedical sciences making a difference to people’s lives.

From my Western education I bring an analytical scientific mind and from my Eastern esoteric wisdom I come with an intuitive experiential approach.  I deliver uniquely potent and beneficial outcomes to my clients and openly share my knowledge and expertise with my students.   

It has never been my intention to be a professional consultant in Feng Shui let alone a teacher in Feng Shui or Martial Arts.  I was motivated to learn due to a deep interest in my Chinese and Dao heritage since I had a ready source of profound knowledge in my father, the late Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai.  I fell into consulting professionally as a result of popular demand and a teacher at my father’s request.  

Before my father passed away, he asked me to promise him that I will teach his Feng Shui and Yanshougong to continue his legacy of bringing the authentic and original wisdom to the West. Within our culture this imposes a deep obligation and some may regard it as a poisoned chalice.  However, to be chosen and asked is a true honour and privilege and the opportunity to continue his life’s work is the ultimate fulfillment of my life.  It is now time.  

Come visit me on Grand Designs New Zealand as I embark on Act 3 of my life’s journey to share my wisdom practice with the world in a fulfilling and meaningful way. 

Welcome to find out more about me, my lineage, my life and my passions and join me on my blog.  

My father is credited as the first of the Traditional Chinese Feng Shui masters that brought Feng Shui into the West.  He first taught in London in the early 80s and subsequently in his home country Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, Russia and all over the EU and North America, with his students spanning the globe.  

Over the years, Feng Shui has been seriously commercialized and corrupted in the West.  In my father’s latter years, he became despondent about the questionable ethics and professionalism of some of the students he has trained and practicing under the auspices of his name.  Accordingly, he anointed me as Master in 2009 asking me to pick up the mantel to teach and continue his lineage/legacy.  I had been reluctant for personal reasons but just before he transitioned and a sudden return of strength that is all too familiar, my father practically commanded me to promise him that I will teach Feng Shui and Yanshougong.  


My Lineage

Master Boon Yap is a formal lineage holder of Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai, a world-renowned scholar, teacher, Traditional Chinese Feng Shui and Martial Arts 

My Life

Academically trained in the biomedical sciences, she holds BSc Hons, MSc and MBA degrees from Australia’s premier universities. 

My Passions

Intrepid travels – Antarctica, Western China, Himalayas, and scuba-dived South East Asia, Australian waters and the Pacific.

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