My Passions

My passion is to live a life of meaning and purpose, and to live this to the fullest. This means committing to a path of ever-increasing personal awareness and growth coupled with a desire to contribute.

That all sounds very serious, but nothing could be further from the truth. My cultural heritage embraces Daoism; to which the concept of “balance” is fundamental. Many people in the West have heard of yin and yang and will have seen the symbolic representation. Far fewer will be aware of its origins and place in Daoist thought.

Daoist philosophy suggests there is an overall natural order of things.  There is a “path” that exists whether we follow it or not. We can choose to fight against this which is pointless and tiring or flow with it and flourish. Some people call it following the path; I prefer “walking the Dao”.  

But there is a way to walk the Dao. It doesn’t mean we just go with the flow and abandon any decisions or taking responsibility for our own lives.  It is good to have a destination and we choose how we react and behave along the way. 

I was so fortunate to have my father as guide and mentor. From a very young age, he taught me that each one of us is gifted a wondrous human mind and form, and to live it with responsibility.  

So rooted with this foundation and armed with a single question “What can I learn from this”, I chose my path and embraced the yin and yang of life with a passion . I gave full rein to my love for nature and exploration, experienced the joy of creativity through the arts and applied my problem solving analytical nature in bring leading edge biomedical therapies to the world. It is now time to fully embrace my legacy to introduce the benefits of Feng Shui and Martial Arts to more people as my contribution to improving people’s lives better. 

I am so fortunate to have my life of meaning, purpose and fun!

A Life in Balance

From my very early years the Daoist way must have coursed through my veins, for I have lived a life:

  • balanced between a carefree childhood running wild in the nearby fields and forests and the discipline of maintaining a 90 percentile in my school grades
  • balanced between a love of the arts, scoring distinctions with ease for early schoolwork culminating in an art exhibition of my Chinese brush paintings in my early twenties, and a naturally analytical mind that soaked up everything there is to know in the life sciences that drew me into biomedical R&D and business world of medical therapy
  • balanced between a focused career path of high end biomedical innovation and the freedom of exploring the world’s wildest frontiers
  • balanced between a deep affinity for my cultural heritage in Traditional Chinese Martial Arts and Feng Shui and forging an independent life ahead at the leading edge of pioneering biomedical science

As there is a natural order of things, we are all on a path and the path leads to a destination.  The Path is a metaphor for life and the destination is our goal which can be one of many.  We can walk this path with eyes shut or wide-open, blindly or with a destination in mind.  We may not have control over situations we face but we have the choice of how we react or behave. This then is in essence my path of Walking the Dao.

Walking the Dao

The earlier path I chose to follow is in the sciences.  As in the natural order of things there were obstacles.  In dealing with these challenges I learnt that impatience brings undesirable outcomes. There is a time and place for everything. When we tune in to this flow, we see the way.  Just like if the weather is misty and we push ahead we cannot see the path.  But the weather will clear, and this is the time the way ahead is obvious.  So I learnt to forge ahead when the way was clear and to enjoy my other passions when it was not.

What is interesting about walking the Dao is that there is no obvious point that tells  you path when it is about to turn.  You may find situations you keep encountering, or a, a feeling in your heart that eventually becomes so strong that you cannot ignore it.  For me, it was the attraction of reconnecting with my heritage and the unavoidable calling to take responsibility for my legacy.

I left my birth country of Malaysia 40 years ago to forge a life of personal and financial freedom, After soaring 45 countries and over 500 destinations, I have landed and am folding my wings to stay – on my new home named Ditiantai where Heaven and Earth meets!  

 The joys of living on a “bush block” opens more opportunities. I have always loved gardening, but now I have ten acres to play in.

And just to prove that life can be an ever expanding journey I am developing a passion for sailing and fishing which are hardly traditional Chinese pursuits. My husband, Kim is a very keen sailor.  He introduced me to “Arielle” our 47ft Sparkman & Stevens yacht and with my ,love of seafood I decided to take up fishing.  We’ve sailed the Hauraki Gulf, Great Barrier. the surrounding islands of The Poor Knights and the Bay of Islands, and have been exploring our playground of the Whangarei – Breamhead – Tutukaka coastline.  I have yet to land my fist legal size kingfish, but we feast on snapper and trevally whenever we go away.

I will always “Walk the Dao” with passion. I hope our paths cross and that I can bring the benefits of Feng Shui to enrich your life.