My Life

Act 1

To forge an independent path and make a difference to people's lives

I grew up in a home steeped with the amazing wisdom traditions of China and the East. This was in large part due to my late father who is a world renowned Grandmaster in traditional Chinese Feng Shui and Martial Arts.  

He initiated my training in Traditional Chinese Martial Arts when I was a four year old and in Traditional Chinese Feng Shui during my teens.  He also nurtured my love of nature and the life sciences which eventually drew me into a scientific career.  

On finishing my schooling, I left my birth country of Malaysia to further my studies in Australia where I had earned scholarships in postgraduate degrees in the Science and Strategic Management.  I became an acknowledged R & D scientist in the blood plasma field, for an Australian company called CSL Limited.

We developed the purest and safest albumin in the world which was hugely exciting for a young scientist.  My work led to CSL becoming a global leader in the field.  

That was fine, but my real learning in Act 1 was different. I saw first hand how innovative and beneficial medical development could have a huge impact on peoples lives – globally.

I wanted to get out and do more, so packed up my test tubes and strode forth as a scientific business strategist. With my cultural background I could span East and West whilst my combination of scientific and business training helped me to relate to suppliers and customers alike.

My speciality was to bring beneficial leading edge biomedical technologies such as stem cell and spinal repair therapies to the Asia Pacific region.  This meant that much of my life was sent on long haul flights so it is just as well that I do not suffer from jet lag.

Act 2

Returning to my roots

Despite my business success, the relentless international travel soon lost its glamour and I found myself yearning to return to my roots and my heritage.

It was during one of those moments, while on business in Seoul, I called my father to ask him for formal guidance in Feng Shui and Martial Arts.  My challenges were to increase exponentially since I started to live a parallel life. I was still running my international business consultancy, while studying under my father and teaching on his behalf as he began conducting courses worldwide. 

Perhaps people were intrigued by the fusion of science, business and Feng Shui. Whatever the reason, people began to call on my Feng Shui consultancy.  Over the years I consulted over 5 continents – the USA, the EU, Africa, Asia (SE Asia, China and India), Australia and New Zealand.  

The demand for my Feng Shui consultancy soon started to displace my scientific career. I developed a longing to deepen my knowledge and to experience the source where these wisdoms began, spending some hermit years in China.  When I cam out of China I spent some wonderful time with my father. He encouraged me to teach and declared his unwavering support to be at my side wherever I taught.  

Alas, that was not to be as he soon transitioned, but in his final moments he insisted on my promise to continue his legacy.  This was both a great honour and a poisoned chalice. I was truly humbled by the honour he bestowed upon me and at the same time daunted by the obligation to continue his legacy.

I returned to Australia to conclude my biomedical consultancy and wind up my business partnership.  During this time I met my husband Kim who has been an ardent supporter of my Act 3.

Act 3

Fulfilling a dream and embarking on a legacy

For many years, my vision had been to build my ‘perfect Feng Shui home’ to live in during my retirement.  Several years ago I found the perfect spot and bought land in Mount Martha on Victoria’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula.  

Four years ago a chance happenstance brought my wonderful husband Kim into my life.  Words like “retirement” were banished, the vision survived and the concept of Act 3 was embraced. I am now in a new country, with a new life and living the fulfilment of a dream. How did it come about?

It all traces back to our first holiday together, three years ago, in New Zealand. We were sailing along Kim’s beloved Northland coastline when I saw ‘the land where the Dragons play’.  Unbeknown to me, Kim had been wondering how he could entice me to abandon my Australian dream of the Mornington Peninsula and relocate to New Zealand.

Upon learning the Feng Shui significance of the Northland coastline, Kim decided to strike whilst the iron was hot. No sooner had we moored our boat in Auckland than we headed north again to begin an intensive search for land.

Many, many properties later we found the perfect site, even if it was disguised as a densely covered bush block on the side of a mountain. And that is how Ditiantai came to be.  It is the harmonious spot where Heaven and Earth meet, the place where I have put everything that my father has taught me in building our perfect Feng Shui home.  Apart from the obvious benefit of living in such a prosperous place, I felt compelled to walk the talk as a Feng Shui master, and to be able to use Ditiantai as case study for my teachings. 

The completion of Di Tian Tai is the fusion of my received wisdom and personal experience. Our home exceeds our wildest hopes and is a living testament to the benefits of Feng Shui. Most importantly, Kim is a westerner (grumpy Welshman) with no prior experience of Feng Shui. There was no way he would go through any form of religious conversion on my account alone.

Hi approach was practical and pragmatic – “The worst case scenario from supporting this project is that I get to live in a beautiful home, in a beautiful place with the woman I love. Where is the downside in that?”


He now knows that Feng Shui is real and that it has fantastic benefits; but that is his story and not for now.

For me, the time has come to embrace and live the promise I made to my father to honour and carry forward his legacy.  This is the natural order of things, so I have called my new company “Walk the Dao”.  I hope to meet you on the journey.