Walk the Dao

Do you know that each of us has the power to instantly improve our lives at any moment?  

Imagine the ability to change the state of our health, relationships, career or finances in a heartbeat!  

Are you someone who leaves life to fate, or takes full responsibility for events of the past and control those in the future?  If you are reading this, then you understand that our life is a result of who we are, what we do, and who we can become. However, do you realize that there is another factor other than ‘you’?  

It is your home and place of work. The way the built space is aligned with you plays a crucial role in your current state and more importantly, has the capacity to significantly enrich your life?  

Studies that date back 5000 years show that our life (fortune) is governed by the Cosmic Trinity of:

  • Heaven : Our destiny
  • Human : Who we are, what we do, and who we can become
  • Earth : Our environmental surroundings

It reveals that one’s fortune is a combination of destiny’s path, our choices and our surrounding energies that the ancients call Feng Shui.  

Irrespective of ones belief system, authentic Classical Chinese Feng Shui is a science derived from empirical research performed over several millennia.



Master Boon provides Feng Shui Consultancy for many aspects of life .


Incorporating Feng Shui into your residential plans including building, renovations and more


Feng Shui has many applications in a wide variety of workplaces