About Master Boon

One of the beauties of getting older is that we can bring together the wisdom of what we are taught (the received wisdoms), with the wisdom of what we have experienced. It is this that makes us who we are.

I am so fortunate to be in a brilliant space and looking forward to the next chapter in my life. The lineage I hold and the qualifications I possess are the “received wisdoms”. Everything else I learned for myself. This has culminated in the fulfilment of a long held dream – to design and build “My perfect Feng Shui home on the perfect Feng Shui site”

The joys and at times frustrations of this project –  from Feng Shui site selection through to the final lick of paint have rounded out my experience as a Feng Shui Master in an unparalleled way. I was personally vested in every moment and the result will enrich the rest of my life as I live in my home.

This journey has reignited my passion to bring the benefits of Feng Shui to as many of my wonderful clients as possible, during the next chapter. As a first step I want to share the history of what I have been taught, together with what I have experienced. It is this that makes me “The Master you deserve”

My Lineage

In the West we prove our qualifications with certificates and degrees. Just as important as our MBA or doctorate is where we earned it and we wear it like a badge of honour.

In the East there is no such framework, but what we have is more intimate and robust. When a Master determines that a student has attained the appropriate level of knowledge, practice and conduct, the Master will anoint the student with the status of Master to the Master’s wisdom lineage.

Grand Master is the accolade bestowed on a Master by his/her peers and students, representing the pinnacle of achievement.

This means that lineage is crucial to preserving the authenticity and integrity of a wisdom such as Feng Shui Lineage is an organised framework of teachings and practices passed from teacher to student that is traceable through generations.  Its ultimate purpose is to ensure the effectiveness and potency of a particular line of wisdom.

The passing on of a lineage to the next generation lineage holder ensures the continuity of the teachings.

My Life

I hate housework but love a clean home!

For many years I reconciled this conflict by listening to talks on personal growth and consciousness on my phone, whilst charging round my home with a vacuum cleaner. It was on one of those days that a Ted Talk given by Jane Fonda resonated so strongly that I immediately stopped and sat down to listen intently.

The main thrust of her talk was that the structure of society still assumed a short life expectancy after retirement even though our actual life expectancy may be closer to another 30 years. She called this period of our lives “Act 3”, positioning it as the most rewarding, exciting and fulfilling phase of our lives if only we have the personal courage to grasp the nettle. I knew instantly that this was what I had been preparing myself for!

So, here is my life in 3 Acts – or more correctly – in 2 Acts plus the prologue to Act 3!

My Passions

My passion is to live a life of meaning and purpose, and to live this to the fullest. For me, this means committing to a path of ever-increasing personal awareness and growth coupled with a desire to contribute.

That all sounds very serious, but nothing could be further from the truth. My cultural heritage embraces Daoism; to which the concept of “balance” is fundamental. Many people in the West have heard of yin and yang and will have seen the symbolic representation. Far fewer will be aware of its origins and place in Daoist thought.

Similarly, within Daoist philosophy there is an overall natural order of things.  There is a “path” that exists whether we follow it or not. We can choose to fight against this which is pointless and tiring or flow with it and flourish. Some people call it following the path; I prefer “walking the Dao”.  

But there is a way to walk the Dao. It doesn’t mean we abandon any decisions or taking responsibility for our own lives.  It is good to have a destination and we choose how we react and behave along the way. 

My Qualifications

This page may look more like a traditional “CV”, but it is very important to check out any Feng Shui Master you may be thinking of engaging.

On the one hand the concept of passing wisdom from Master to student is intimate and robust. On the other hand it does allow scope for “false prophets” to claim a wisdom they do not possess.

You will see that I have top flight academic qualifications from the West – largely in medical science. The rigour of this training and professional background enables me to bring a uniquely scientific approach to the ancient art of Feng Shui.

I have actually written an article arguing Feng Shui is a science, but that is another story

But for now, I urge you to invest the time to check out the qualifications of practitioners you may be thinking of engaging so that you truly “Get the Master you deserve”