My Lineage

In the West we prove our qualifications with certificates and degrees. Just as important as our MBA or doctorate is where we earned it and we wear it like a badge of honour.

In the East there is no such framework, but what we have is more intimate and robust. When a Master determines that a student has attained the appropriate level of knowledge, practice and conduct, the Master will anoint the student with the status of Master to the Master’s wisdom lineage.

Grand Master is the accolade bestowed on a Master by his/her peers and students, representing the pinnacle of achievement.

This means that lineage is crucial to preserving the authenticity and integrity of a wisdom such as Feng Shui Lineage is an organised framework of teachings and practices passed from teacher to student that is traceable through generations.  Its ultimate purpose is to ensure the effectiveness and potency of a particular line of wisdom.

The passing on of a lineage to the next generation lineage holder ensures the continuity of the teachings.

I am an anointed Master in Traditional Chinese Feng Shui and Traditional Chinese Martial Arts by the late Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai.  I am the only person that Grandmaster Yap has formally authorised to carry on the mantle as an authentic holder of the Yap Cheng Hai lineage.   He is also my father.

In conferring me the only title of Master amongst all that he has taught, my father asked a promise from me to continue his legacy to transform peoples lives, both through my practice of the Yap Cheng Hai lineage of Feng Shui and also through my teachings in order to pass on our lineage of Feng Shui and Yanshougong Martial Arts.

So to learn about me you need to learn a bit about him and what he passed down to me.  



Grandmaster Yap

Grandmaster Yap is credited as the first of the Traditional Chinese Feng Shui Masters to bring Feng Shui into the West.  He first taught in London in the early 80s; subsequently in his home country Malaysia before spreading his wisdom in Australia, South Africa, Russia and all over the EU and North America. His students literally span the globe.  

The foundations of Feng Shui were laid in the East 5,000 years ago. Since it is a tradition passed down through generations from Master to student, it is hardly surprising that there are different and at times competing schools of Feng Shui. This can be very confusing for the novice, trying to reconcile the irreconcileable and make sense of it all. It is here that the Yap Cheng Hai Feng Shui lineage is unique.

Through his lifetime my father embraced different schools of thought and consolidated the main ideas into an extremely powerful system. He sought out ancient texts and traditional masters from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.  His gifted mind enabled him to decipher the complex and often esoteric knowledge from the different schools of classical Feng Shui.  

His ability to amalgamate the San He, San Yuan, Xuan Gong, Ba Zhai and Yi Jing schools and their various systems into a lifetime of practice and observation has brought immense benefits to people’s lives.   

The Yap Cheng Hai Feng Shui lineage is the culmination of this knowledge and practice.  It brings together 5,000 years of received wisdom with my father’s lifetime of experience and commitment to others. 

It is like no other in the world and represents a major consolidation and step forward in the world of Feng Shui. Other masters who traditionally would only specialise in one school began to emulate his combination. But like any specialist discipline, only a gifted practitioner can put complex knowledge into effective practice. Ultimately their reputation will speak for itself.   

Master Boon

Earlier in this section I suggested that Grand Master is the accolade bestowed on a Master by his peers and students. You cannot claim the title for yourself, so if anyone claims to be a Grand Master it is important to know who bestowed the honour.

Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai’s Martial Arts lineage comprises of the Southern Shaolin Wuzuquan Five Ancestors and Yanshougong Art of Longevity.  

Grandmaster Yap was the first disciple of Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong. Together the two of them set up the Chee Kim Thong Pugilistic and Health Association, now a world renowned martial arts school that has branches in the UK, EU, Australia and US.  Grandmaster Yap saw to the daily running of the school while Grandmaster Chee who lived in another town came to town once a month to provide training.   Grandmaster Chee was particularly fond of me and seeing my enthusiasm in martial arts, took to personally train me in the sword, umbrella and twin dagger forms.

In his time, Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai is one of nine greatest/top/Traditional Chinese Martial Arts grandmasters of all time and the only one outside of China, as acknowledged by eight of his peers.  Among them are Grandmasters Wu Bin (Jet Li’s coach) and Men Hui Feng (the foremost Taiji Grandmaster) who later became very close friends.  Grandmaster Yap held the highest 10th Duan level in Southern Shaolin Wuzuquan Five Ancestors.   Together with Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong, Grandmaster Yap developed Yanshougong, a form that allows the accelerated learning of Neigong (a skilful physical and mental art form for generating and deploying energy).   Yanshougong is unique to Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai’s Martial Arts lineage.

This is your assurance that my lineage is of exemplary pedigree. It is my “received wisdom”. My life, passion and experience round this out to make me “The Master you Deserve”

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