The Importance of Our Home

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For most of us, our home represents the most expensive single purchase we will ever make in our lives. Most of us go to some lengths to inspect its structural integrity. We may then spend a good deal more redecorating, to suit our individual tastes. Why?
Because for those with sufficient means it is a showpiece. For the great majority (workaholics excepted), it is the one place where we spend most of our waking and sleeping hours. Most importantly, it embodies our inner sanctity. So it is not surprising to find that homeowners and even those renting, are turning to the traditional Chinese science and art of Feng Shui.
Does Feng Shui truly work?
Yes – but only if done properly. Feng Shui has the ability to not only safeguard the well-being of your family, but the power to truly enrich your life, bringing good health, harmony and prosperity.
Authentic classical Feng Shui is about:
• Compass direction and location of ‘forms’ i.e. mountains, buildings, rivers, roadways, the shape, size, appearance and lay of the land.
• Determining energy flows in and around the property.
• How the Five Elements are carried in these energies and interact with the surroundings.
• Time influence on the above.
So would you leave your chances to mere colours, wind-chimes, mandarin ducks or money frogs?
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