Grand Designs NZ: Is a feng shui house too much of a compromise?

REVIEW: OK, let’s get this bit over with – if I had a budget of more than $1 million, this is not the house I would build. And, I think it’s pretty safe to say it is not the house Grand Designs NZ presenter and architect Chris Moller would build either.

But who’s to say we would not all be happier if we were to live in a house designed and built to feng shui principles? And we’re talking the real deal here – a design overseen by a master practitioner in the discipline.

Would we be happier if our bed was turned in the opposite direction to the view, as Boon Yap and fiance Kim Powell do in this project? And no, this is not sarcasm; it’s a genuine question that needs to be asked, as Moller does, right at the start of this show:
“Sceptics say it’s ‘superstitious humbug’, but what if it’s not?”

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