The Lucky Gardener – NZ Gardener – July 2021

There are many reasons why your garden looks the way it does. Hopefully, one of them is because you want it that way, in that it serves your purpose and enriches your life in myriad ways, whether that purpose is growing food, providing a safe space

A feng shui garden is not necessarily a traditional Chinese garden, and vice versa.

for your children to play or giving you room to show your creativity and artistic air (or all of the above).

For Master Boon and her husband Kim Powell, their unique courtyard garden looks the way it does to serve the main goal of their home, which had been built to express “perfect feng shui design”.

The home, stunningly perched on a bush-clad hill overlooking Bream Head in Northland, is so breathtaking, it featured in a 2020 episode of Grand Designs NZ.

Feng shui – depending on who you’re talking to about it – is either a belief system, a mystical philosophy, a set of design principles or some new age “woo-woo”. Master Boon proposes that it is a science that can be studied and mastered like any other. The most certain thing is that it is an ancient concept that has endured over the ages.

Personally, I am quite indifferent and – dare I say it – cautious about applying feng shui principles; the general reasoning being that you want good feng shui which would bring health, prosperity, harmony within the home and such lovely things, because you can inadvertently get very bad feng shui – illness, bad luck, accidents, quarrels! In short, I know enough to know I don’t know enough.

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