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Feng shui, which literally means wind and water in Chinese, not only has the ability to ensure our general well being but also the power to enrich our lives. According to Master Boon Yap, classical traditional feng shui has a history dating back to more than 5,000 years where the classical texts have been passed down to the masters.
“Feng shui is an ancient science and a formulated knowledge. It is very systematic. It is tried and test, and it works!,” she told the crowd who attended the evening talk on “Feng shui for enriching your life” which was organised by Prestij Permai Sdn Bhd, the developer of Aman Sari in Puchong. Boon, the daughter of grandmaster Datuk Yap Cheng Hai, went on to elaborate that the feng shui is based on the Tao philosophy and the I-Ching classics. It is a study of qi or energy flow as governed by the roads, water and corridors and knowing where it gathers.
“Roadways are water. A good road represents good water in feng shui. You want it (water) to flow and meander. You do not want it to stagnant. Water can also be in the form of a little fountain. It does not have to be flowing all the time.”
She said water is one of the five elements often mentioned in feng shui besides metal, wood, fire and earth

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Water features play a very important role in your home. Normally water is quite peaceful but too much of the sound water can be negative and disruptive.


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