Month: November 2020

Year of the Fire Dog

The Edge, Haven – December 2005 -January 2006 issue We have now welcomed the year of Bing-xu or the Fire Dog. It can be an unpredictable year, but if you know how to apply feng shui … READ THE FULL ARTICLE

Feng Shui and Colours Part 1

Significance of colours in feng shui COLOURS HAVE AN important effect on our behaviour and our emotions. There are various disciplines that describe theimpact of colours on our lives and their use in evoking particular feelings and outcomes. But like so many “alternative”subject matters, some have their basis in deep, albeit empirical, knowledge, while others …

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Feng Shui and Gardens

The Edge, Haven – August – September 2006 issue The landscape of your environment can affect your life. FENG SHUI IS all about a person’s ‘Earth’ luck and the study of how the environment affects us. However, popular feng shui so often talks about the arrangement of furniture and feng shui ornaments in the home …

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In the Footsteps of Fuxi

The Edge, Haven – October – November 2006 issue The sage-king credited with the creation of the Ba Gua. READERS FAMILIAR WITH feng shui will no doubt be familiar with the Eight Trigram symbol known as the Ba Gua.If you ever wondered where or when this symbol came about and its significance, then follow me …

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