Year of the Fire Dog

The Edge, Haven – December 2005 -January 2006 issue

We have now welcomed the year of Bing-xu or the Fire Dog. It can be an unpredictable year, but if you know
how to apply feng shui and take appropriate action and caution, 2006 can be a very successful year. First, it
is important to get your Gua number right and facing the right direction.
Feng shui for 2006 began on Jan 29.
You should be practical this year and not let the imagination run wild. Also be careful with your food intake and what you say. If you are reckless and do not heed good sense and advice, bad luck such as sackings, legal proceedings or sickness can befall you.
Be watchful over young children’s health this year, as there is a possibility of a new epidemic. On the political front, disputes can easily occur alliances will be formed.
On the personal front, there will be many arguments and threats of divorce. There will also be lay-offs or sacking of workers. So everyone should remain calm and think rationally and logically. Abide by the law; otherwise, misfortune can be quite severe.
This prediction is done based on the Xuan Kong System, which uses the two Flying Star charts. The black
font depicts the 20-year Xuan Kong Fei Xing Flying Star Chart while the blue font is the annual Xuan Ong Fei
Xing Flying Star Chart. The Flying Star feng shui is the most powerful form. It is an analysis of the five star elements and star combinations that occupy a home/building. These stars change every year, bringing good and bad energy.
Next year, 5 yellow is in West, so do not do any renovation or extensions if your house is facing or sitting West.
The 5 yellow is the worst star as it brings with it sickness and many other calamities.
The Three Killings (San Sha) is Disclaimer: Yap Cheng Hai Academy Sdn Bhd does not, and cannot, in any way whatsoever or howsoever represent, warrant or guarantee that the recommendations given in this column mean that the happiness and good fortune of the person(s) who put these recommendations into practice will naturally or necessarily follow
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