Feng Shui and Property

Starwood Hotel Group’s Stardom Magazine (China) – November – December 2008

Master Boon Yap

The Building Whisperer, is a Feng Shui Master of note. Already well known in Malaysia (her country of birth) and Australia (her country of residence), Boon is an effective teacher from a prominent lineage, a consultant and writer, and her services are increasingly sought after around the world.
Master Boon grew up surrounded by the ancient wisdom of Chinese Philosophy, where the traditions and practices of Feng Shui, Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism and Wushu were part of everyday life. In this
environment Feng Shui became part of her, because she saw the benefits that it brought.
Her early calling was to the study of science and she became a leading researcher in blood plasma science and then a corporate leader introducing life-saving technologies from the West to Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
Now, she is fulfilling her vision to enrich people’s lives by spreading Chinese wisdom reinterpreted for our modern times.



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