Feng Shui and Colours – Part 1

Significance of colours in feng shui

COLOURS HAVE AN important effect on our behaviour and our emotions. There are various disciplines that describe the impact of colours on our lives and their use in evoking particular feelings and outcomes. But like so many “alternative” subject matters, some have their basis in deep, albeit empirical, knowledge, while others are subjective interpretations of the original. True knowledge works regardless of whether or not we believe it, while improvised content will only work if we believe in it.
The concept of colours in feng shui comes from the Five Element Theory and the proper application of colours to derive feng shui benefi ts must follow the Five Element Transformation principle, also known as Wu Xing. The five element transformation describes the interaction of the five elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Each element is represented by specific colours, which can be used to enhance, weaken or control different qualities of qi that affect an individual. But which colours to use and when?

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