The Year of the Ding Hai, The Fire Boar

The Edge, Haven – March – April 2007 issue

What’s in store for 2007
AS THIS IS the fourth year into the Period 8 Luck cycle, we can generally expect events to be more stable than recent years. However there are other aspects of influence that foretell a dynamic year ahead. For those poised on a new venture that has one well to date, you can expect continued good fortune, for those where things have not been so rosy, you will likely continue to have a bumpy ride. But it is not a year to rest on one’s laurels, as cosmic energies that clash will cause sudden changes and, if not prepared, can upset all carefully made plans. Although, as a whole, these clashes will bring more good than bad, we have to be particularly careful of health-related and other natural disasters this year.



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Depicts nature in its pure natural form and is representative of the Dao

FAQ 1: What is the Dao?

What is (The*) Dao? Tao or Dao translates literally as ‘way’ or ‘path’ and more loosely as the natural way of the universe. The most recognised