Office Feng Shui for Enriching Lives By Master Boon

SME and Entrepreneurship Malaysia – SME – February 2007 issue

Office Feng Shui for Enriching Lives By Master Boon

The scope of this article cannot cover all there is to know and apply in Office Feng Shui. I will discuss things to consider that which is common to all the schools and go into more detail using one system. This is to show that anyone can reap the benefits, if due care and attention to proper classical Feng Shui is employed, even if it is only on a cubicle space. In the hope that you can start to do something for yourself. Of course, nothing can replace consulting a qualified expert. If you wish to go down this path, I hope the following information will help you better select a knowledgeable consultant who has your interest at heart. Because, when Feng Shui is applied appropriately, plus the determination to take responsibility for our own behaviour and actions (Human Luck), benefits will flow.
Depending on the system or school of classical Feng Shui employed, the breadth and depth of considerations and solutions may vary. My father Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai is a great advocate of combining the various schools and systems in any consultation, to find the ultimate solution for the client, a unique quality that distinguishes this lineage from many others.
Feng Shui principles used for the office should be the same as for the home.
For instance, in both residence and office, the main door is the most important consideration. However, the practicalities of focus will vary as the use and function of the space within differ significantly:
e.g. there is no kitchen to consider, but instead the key executive’s office becomes the focus of attention, and there is the
conference room and reception area that will need to be considered.



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