Master Boon in the Media

Voices: The gongfu scientist
Weekend TODAY
A Scientist with a Passion for Feng Shui
In Search of Adventure – Article to come
The Star Online
Experiencing Foreign Cultures – Article to come
The Star Online
Do You Have What It Takes?
The Star Online
Journey of Discovery
The Star Online
Underneath the Muck
The Star Online
Bio-Medical Scientist Extraordinaire
iSmile Magazine, Profile
Feng Shui for Health
iSmile Magazine, Cover Story
Feng Shui might
The Star Lifestyle
Harmonious Balance through Ancient Science
Business Today, Lifestyle Leisure
Feng Shui for Enriching Your Life
Home and Furnishing Magazine
Scientist cum Businessperson cum Feng Shui Master
Guang Ming Daily (PDF file in Chinese)
Communicating the Multi-faceted Aspects of Feng Shui
The Star Lifestyle
The Art of Science and Geomancy
The Star Lifestyle, Malaysians Abroad
Art of Aligning Life Force
The Star Lifestyle
The Importance of Our Home
Home Concepts magazine


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