Voices: The gongfu Scientist

The gongfu scientist, YAP HWEE BOON, mid-40s, Fengshui guru and biomedical consultant.
She says there is no inconsistency between fengshui and western science.

WHAT — or rather, who — do a biomedical research scientist, a gongfu instructor and a fengshui master have in common?
In the case of Ms Yap Hwee Boon, they are three persons in one. Malaysian-born Boon Yap (as she is affectionately known) may run her own biomedical consultancy and hold two Masters degrees, but as the daughter of fengshui and martial arts grand master Yap Cheng Hai, she hasn’t left family tradition behind.
She shares her dad’s vision of making classical fengshui easily accessible to the Western world.
In Singapore for the 3rd International Feng Shui Convention, she tells MICHAEL WEE about how Eastern and Western science can come together in harmony.



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