A Scientist with a Passion for Feng Shui

An Interview with Feng Shui Master cum Scientist cum Businessman Ms Boon Yap.
Feng Shui is about the energy of the cosmos, or ‘Qi’, and now it operates in the real physical world.

Some hold that there are intangible powers at work in the universe that can explain the unexplainable, and Feng Shui is one such power. Because of the Cultural Revolution, attitudes toward Feng Shui differ among Chinese people. Some discount it as merely superstition, but others contend that you feel safer and more tranquil after consulting with a Feng Shui master, allowing you to devote more time and energy to your career and life.
Today there are still many Feng Shui adherents. They emphasize eight Chinese characters and eight numbers when looking for significant others and naming babies. They are also very careful about dates when for moving house, launching a business and getting married. Celebrities have even changed their names for greater prosperity, like singer Faye Wong and actor Andy Lau. Madonna regularly visits a Feng Shui master. SpaChina spoke with Ms Boon Yap, a Feng Shui master and scientist to glean insights on this unique aspect of Chinese culture.



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