Whangarei Quarry Gardens Discovery Tour Special – A Feng Shui Tour, from Vision to Reality

It has been absolutely frantic the past few months, and reason for my absence here.
I have been creating a very special Feng Shui water feature from the Water Dragon classics. It is very prescriptive with direction of flow in accordance with the Earth’s magnetic field. Basically, any water feature would do, just a ditch with flowing water, but it must follow the right formula with exact measurements. But no simple ditch for me, it must be the most beautiful Water Dragon ever! Thus began a DYI project that turned out to be quite a journey. I think I can safely say I am now a vibrant flowing and aesthetically pleasing brook expert – Water Dragon Feng Shui expert pales into insignificance!
It has been crazee wet with La Nina two years running. So since June, I have spent most of my days soaking wet in active gestation of my Water Dragon. In between that, as if not enough to do, I decided to jazz up my courtyard, create a bromeliade patch for Kim viewable from his office, a native garden, a kitchen herb garden, an oriental ornamental garden, a Yinyang garden, a planted bugway, a couple of bush paths, a hot tub area, orchid patch, and started my orchard proper! Want to know how to lose weight, join me on my Feng Shui landscaping journey! I was very fortunate to have the help of the two seasoned landscaping experts any one can wish for. Their experience and expertise brought artistic aesthetics and practical happenings to the beginnings of our garden paradise.
Meanwhile we were asked to assist our favourite community place – The Whangarei Quarry Gardens, in their biannual Whangarei Quarry Garden Discovery Tour – all proceeds go to the Gardens. This year is quite unique in having a special program in addition to the general garden tour – ‘A Feng Shui journey from Vision to Reality’.
We like our bush, the bush still very much the essence of Ditiantai, so each of our gardens are small and meant to enhance Ditiantai, The Place where Heaven and Earth Unites.
We are on this weekend😳. Not wanting to ‘Steal the Thunder’ of this weekend’s tour, I will leave the photos for next post.


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