Whangarei Garden Discovery – Extra Special Feature!

Phew, what a weekend! 8 sessions of one-hour tours all exceeded the time allocation because everyone wanted to hear more. I am all talked out, but oh so rewarding!!!
I had promised my father on his final moment to continue his legacy of bringing Traditional Chinese Feng Shui into the West. Almost half a century on from when he first taught Feng Shui in the West, as with so much of Eastern wisdom traditions, the information has become simplified beyond recognition.
Our primary reason for participating in this event was to support the Whangarei Quarry Gardens. The spinoff was the wonderful opportunity to enlighten my visitors on what Feng Shui is truly about and correct the common misrepresentations in the popular media.
My aim is not to convince anyone to believe in Feng Shui. It was simply to clarify the ‘What’, explain the ‘Whys’ and show the ‘Hows’ and let my guests see and feel the outcome for themselves. Thanks to my Father guardian spirit who kept the weather at bay, we had a virtually free run from the rain.
The ‘What, Why and How’ of Feng Shui came to life for our guests. From our Feng Shui journey walking the dragons in search of land to build our perfect Feng Shui house, to then stand on the actual power site and feel the embrace of Kauri Dragon. Inside our home, Kim and I brought to life the story behind the aesthetics and the cultural significance behind the woodwork, paintings and furniture. I explained the Feng Shui significance behind the floorplan layout, the reason for locations of doorways and placement of furniture to harness the flow of energy, the solutions behind apparent conflicts and most of all, for our guests to experience the Feng Shui energies for themselves.
Kim and I are very private people and few have entered our inner sanctum, but the Whangarei Quarry Gardens is a worthy cause. We were almost fully booked and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive – ‘exceeded expectations’, ‘outstanding’, ‘just amazing’ and ‘it was a privilege’. We even had comments that they liked it best of the gardens they’d visited.
A big thank you to all our guests who gave of their time to listen to our stories.


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