Feng Shui – The importance of site location for Feng Shui benefits

There are four main categories of Feng Shui when it comes to the understanding energy and harnessing it for our wellbeing. Starting with the broadest category which involves the geophysical lay of the land. We often don’t think of it, but any building including in an urban or city setting would be situated on some form of geophysical space, e.g. on flat ground with distant high ground, or on sloping ground which is part of a hill, in a valley, etc. Such surroundings have a huge role to play in forming the Feng Shui that affects occupants in a building.
When we were searching for the section to build, I discovered that in New Zealand whenever a section traverses a ridge, the preferred building site would invariably be on the ridge. The section would often be divided such that it spliced through a gully or valley, which is often where the ideal site for the most potent Feng Shui energy (the ‘power site’ or meridian point of the land) would likely be located.
Being on the ridge for the views is understandable, but being buffeted relentlessly by the winds and storms, which I have come to realise is the norm here in New Zealand may not be so pleasant. The other day our neighbor whose house sits on the ridge greeted us looking windswept complaining about the never-ending winds this year. We have another neighbor saying that when their father visited he was startled awake by sounds and vibrations and was told that is the nature of their pole-house that stands out proud from the ridge. Our friends in Murawai have a beautiful Mediterranean inspired house embracing a courtyard on 3 sides. They built on the side of a cliff tucked in a little from the ridge but obviously not enough. They can never sit in the courtyard and nothing could grow there, because it is so windy from the venturi effect of the winds roaring up the cliffs.
Take for example the past two day’s storm in Northland. Winds were 30 knots (~60kph) but we hardly felt it here on Ditiantai. Yes we may not have the 360 deg views, but feeling protected in the embrace of the Dragon is our far preferred place to be for a home. If we wanted to feel the wind in our face we only have to go for a walk on our ridge. Or if we wanted the thrill of the wind in our sails we only have to ‘head for the red’ which is our in-joke for the times we have been caught out in gale conditions🌬😳
To be in harmony and balance, seek the middle path – a choice aspect instead of a 360, a gentle breeze instead of forceful gusts.


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