How our surroundings affect our behavior and actions

Recently we installed a cedar hot tub on our new deck outside the kitchen. Its healing powers is sublime, particularly after heavy landscaping garden workout in this incessant wet weather.
Interestingly, our enjoyment of the cedar tub here in Jiji is very different to the spa tub on our little cottage Weiji. We enjoyed the spa with the bubbling jets. With the cedar we enjoy it in still silence, to the extent of turning off all machinery and lights.
Both are hot tubs with jets yet so different an experience, why? We were just responding to the environmental setting in each situation. Set into part of the Weiji’s verandah, the spa was more associated with the build space, together with its commanding view sets it apart from its surrounds. In contrast, the hot tub is nestled in the bush drawing us into wanting to be part of her, to hear the sound of waves in the distance, the wind rustling the trees and often times the cries of mopokes and kiwis in the night.
In the little example above, the experience is a beautiful positive one. But what if our surroundings happen to be untidy, disheveled, unkempt and dirty. Imagine how we would feel, how difficult would it be to maintain a positive outlook in life, how would we behave and carry out our daily life?
Many of us go about our everyday lives oblivious of our surroundings, unaware that our surroundings affect much of how we feel, think and behave. We are surrounded by images, sounds, smells and textures that have profound effects on us depending on the meanings we give them. Their impact on us are subliminal, actioning through our subconscious. However the outcomes can be impactful, devastating on the one hand and inspiring on the other. With awareness of our surroundings we can use Feng Shui to improve on it to help us take the right conscious action to live a positive inspiring life.
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