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My friend recently enquired: “I wonder, for all those magical moments you’ve captured, did you go find them, or did they come to you?”

It’s a fascinating inquiry that has stirred a contemplative moment.

I’ve never pondered this deeply before, though I’ve always felt blessed to witness rainbows wherever my journey takes me. Their vivid colors, ever since embracing my Feng Shui Lifestyle on Ditiantai, seem to dance more vibrantly across the sky. There was a specific moment in time, actually on 18 August 2020 to be precise (follow me and not miss this future post Rainbows), that I realised that it is the Rainbow Body manifestation of my father’s spirit—and it appears during moments of special connection or reminiscence from our shared past.

As for the other enchanting moments that grace my life, they seem to unfold effortlessly before me. Whether waking up to a window view, whenever I glance out the window of my home or office, on our sailing excursions awakening to a breath-taking dawn in a secluded bay, or walking the beach, nature’s beauty presents itself in captivating ways. It’s as if the universe orchestrates these scenes specifically for my enjoyment.

Am I simply more observant, attuned to the subtle wonders that surround us? I believe so. Beauty, after all, is omnipresent—it’s merely a matter of opening our hearts and minds to perceive it. From the delicate dewdrops on a blade of grass to the serene reflection of clouds in a puddle, the world offers a tapestry of marvels to savour, if only we wish to feast our eyes upon them. 

Or perhaps, amidst these moments, I am truly blessed. While my life hasn’t always been adorned with such magic, I’ve cultivated a deep appreciation for experiences, for the simple joys that enrich our existence. It’s not about leading an extraordinary life filled with grand gestures, but rather about cherishing the ordinary moments that make life extraordinary.

And then there’s Feng Shui—a guiding principle that has infused harmony and balance into every corner of my existence. From my humble student dormitory days to rented accommodation and home-ownership to finally creating my perfect Feng Shui home on Ditiantai, I’ve strived to align my surroundings with my wisdom practice of Traditional Feng Shui. And in doing so, I’ve found myself enveloped in even more magical moments than ever before.

So, in essence, it’s not that my life is vastly different from others’, but rather that I’ve intentionally crafted a life imbued with Feng Shui at its core—a life that celebrates beauty, embraces serendipity, and learnt to savour each moment as it unfolds. It’s my Feng Shui Lifestyle—a testament to intentionality, gratitude, and the boundless wonders of the universe.

Master Boon🌈💜


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