In Search of Crystal Mountains

SpaChina – 2007 issue

Mountains are vital feng shui elements and peak-shaped rocks are used for interior placements, but feng shui master Boon Yap insists on crystal because of its vibrational energies. She went in search of magic crystal mountains in rugged Yunnan.

Simply put, feng shui is about how the environment affects a person’s luck. In other words, how a person is oriented to his environment can impact his or her fortune. Still, the beauty of feng shui goes beyond reading a person’s fortune within a confined space. It is about the knowledge of orienting a person to the environment, thus harnessing beneficial energies and avoiding the harmful ones in order to bring good fortune.
In ancient times, where man lived closer to nature, orientation to environmental features such as mountains and water were of particular importance because mountains carry energy in the land and water collects this energy. It is common knowledge that location and direction with reference to these features (mountains and water) are key factors in classical feng shui. This holds particularly true for the San He (Three Combinations) school of feng shui, which requires an understanding of man (home) with respect to surrounding mountains and water.



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