Crystal Energy, Far from Crystal-Clear

SpaChina – May-June 2007 issue

There are people who swear that crystals “work” and heal, clearing negative energy and reinforcing qi. But scientists can’t locate that healing energy.

Feng shui master Boon Yap says the power may come from the healers themselves.

The “mystical” qualities of stones refer to their crystalline forms. Crystals are minerals that form extremely slowly, and thus hold the energy of the eons in their highly structured arrangement of atoms and molecules. That is why, beyond crystals’ ethereal beauty and glamour, they are believed by many people to hold powers of healing and spiritual ascension.
Conventional science has not been able to directly identify the healing energy that crystal healers claim to direct. Conventional science does, however, recognize the piezoelectric effect (“piezo” from the Greek word “to push”) in which certain crystals under pressure have vibrational energy.
The most common piezoelectric crystal is quartz and is widely used in watches, radios, and receivers. But this effect can only be generated under very specific conditions in which some crystals (tourmaline is one) is cut precisely at particular orientations to the crystal axes. Most of the types of crystals that healers use cannot generate a piezoelectric effect.



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