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Master Boon Yap is a feng shui expert already well known in Malaysia, her country of birth, and Australia, her country of residence. She grew up steeped in the ancient wisdom of Chinese philosophy, where the traditions and practices of feng shui, Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism and wushu were part of her everyday life. Her early calling was to science, becoming a researcher in blood plasma, and subsequently to business, introducing life-saving technologies from the West to Asia. Now she is fulfilling her vision of enriching people’s lives by spreading Chinese wisdom, reinterpreted for our modern times.

Color Me Good
The feng shui color theory can have a strong impact on the
way you live your life

Cultural conditioning and personal preferences strongly influence our appreciation of color. Color symbolism is a conscious association that varies from person to person; which might explain why your interior designer thinks the purple and yellow she painted your bedroom walls is her greatest inspiration, but the garish scheme only serves to give you a headache.

Color is energy that occupies the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum.



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