Feng Shui That Heals

SpaChina – October-December 2007

By Boon Yap
The first thing that comes to mind when one mentions Feng Shui is wealth, as in making money. However, the definition of wealth used in Feng Shui covers both monetary and non-monetary components.
Health and harmony are parts of wealth, because one cannot fully enjoy wealth without health.
Feng Shui is the science and art of locating Qi in everyday spaces. Good Feng Shui is all about avoiding the harmful and harnessing the auspicious Qi. Because Qi is invisible, many different schools of Feng Shui have evolved for the sole purpose of determining its location, identifying the quality and strength of malevolent and benevolent Qi, and understanding the process of their manifestation. This is the science component. The practice of Feng Shui requires artful application in the ability to find good Feng Shui solutions.
In the Eight Mansions School of Feng Shui, each person is assigned a Life Gua from the moment of their birth. For each of these Eight groups of people, there are four compass directions/sectors where auspicious Qi resides and four other compass directions/sectors where inauspicious Qi is found.

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