Recent Ancestors’ Day not only holds profound significance for our timeless Chinese cultural practices of reverence for where we come from, but also in the very genesis of Feng Shui. Qing Ming observance underscores the deep reverence we hold for our origins and the resting places of our ancestors. It’s in the meticulous care and attention given to burial sites that we can trace the seeds of Feng Shui’s origins.

What has Burial Sites to do with Traditional Chinese Feng Shui?

The origins of Feng Shui can be traced back to ancient Chinese sages who were intrigued by the phenomenon of certain families rising to nobility and kingship. As they delved deeper into this puzzle, they observed that specific land formations, particularly those surrounding burial sites, exerted a profound influence on the flow of energy, or “qi,” in the environment. This observation led them to understand that selecting auspicious burial sites could elevate one’s status and fortunes, sometimes to the extent of these burial sites being revered as king maker sites.

The first reference to Feng Shui in ancient texts can be found in the “Book of Burial” (葬書, Zàngshū) written by Guo Pu (郭璞) during the Jin Dynasty (265–420 AD). This text is considered one of the earliest written works to extensively discuss the principles and practices of Feng Shui, including its application in burial site selection and environmental harmony. While references to Feng Shui may have existed prior to this text, the “Book of Burial” is among the earliest known writings dedicated specifically to the subject.

Understanding the significance of landforms in shaping destiny, the practice of interring multiple generations of ancestors in the same burial site took on heightened importance. It went beyond a simple act of burial; rather, it became a deliberate alignment with Feng Shui principles aimed at tapping into the positive energies of the land to honour and elevate the spirits of the departed.

As our physical bodies gradually decay and merge with the particles of the Earth, this connection transcends the material realm, intertwining our essence with the cosmic energies of the universe as elucidated by Feng Shui principles.

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