⛩🙏🏻QING MING (清明) ‘Clear Brightness’ Festival🙏🏻⛩

The Qing Ming Festival, fondly referred to as “Ancestors Day,” is a reverent celebration in China’s cultural heritage.  Rooted deeply in a culture of filial piety, its primary role is where people honour the timeless tradition of revering their ancestors.

Qing Ming falls on the fifteenth day after the spring equinox, aligning with the earth’s transition into the season of renewal and rebirth.  By anchoring the festival to the natural rhythms of the earth, Chinese tradition venerates not only the memory of ancestors but also the cyclical patterns of nature, weaving together themes of remembrance and renewal in a tapestry of cultural significance.

The Qing Ming Festival, dating back to 700-500 BCE, originated from the selfless actions of Jie Zitui, a loyal servant who saved his lord from starvation during exile by sacrificing his own flesh. Despite his noble act, Jie’s service was forgotten by his lord until later, prompting remorse for the oversight. In an attempt to honour Jie’s memory, the lord sought to reward him, but tragically, Jie had already passed away. To commemorate his loyal servant’s life and death, the Ching Ming Festival was established as a day of remembrance for the departed.

During Qingming, families gather to sweep the graves of their ancestors, cleansing them of earthly remnants and adorning them with offerings of love.  Amidst the gentle rustle of peach blossoms and the solemn fragrance of incense, prayers ascend like tendrils of smoke, bridging the realms of the living and the departed.  Delicate paper offerings, fashioned into symbolic shapes, are set ablaze, carrying wishes for prosperity in the afterlife.

But Qing Ming is not merely a time for reflection; it is also a celebration of life.  As the sun casts its golden rays upon the earth, families embark on spring outings, embracing the warmth of the season and the companionship of loved ones.  Amidst blossoming gardens and verdant parks, they revel in the simple pleasures of togetherness, casting aside the weight of sorrow in favor of the promise of new beginnings.

Due to their significant role in Chinese culture regarding family unity and ancestral reverence, burial cemeteries serve as places where children are often brought to participate.  One of my earliest childhood recollections involves folding and burning joss papers while wandering amidst the cemetery.  These memorial parks are often meticulously maintained, fostering an environment where children are not intimidated and become familiar with the concepts of mortality and the passing of loved ones.

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Paying respect to my parent's burial site

Showing the Feng Shui layout of a powerfully designed Traditional Chinese Feng Shui burial site site.

Folding joss papers to resemble gold ingots


Burning of joss papers during Qing Ming Festival as a way to send material goods to the spirit world, providing comfort and assistance to the departed souls in their afterlife journey.

The Bixi

The Bixi symbolizes stability, longevity, and protection in traditional Chinese culture. As a creature of mythology often depicted as a large stone turtle supporting a stele or tablet, the Bixi is associated with strength and endurance. It is believed to provide spiritual support and safeguard the tomb or burial site against negative energies or disturbances. Additionally, the Bixi represents the connection between the earthly realm and the spiritual world, serving as a guardian for the deceased and ensuring their well-being in the afterlife

The stone Luopan compass

The sacred tool of Feng Shui Masters that has all the Feng Shui formulae that the Masters popularly use during their consultations.

Grandmaster of Feng Shui's burial site is in total compliance with Traditional Chinese Feng Shui.

Another view from the side simulating the mountain embrace and situated on the flanks of the dragon mountain.

Spiritual blessing papers sprinkled

over the burial mound to receive blessings and provisions in the spiritual realm, helping them lead a prosperous and peaceful existence beyond the earthly realm.


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