This is a series of commentaries on the Dragon, a symbol of power, strength, and good fortune with significant prominence in Chinese culture.

The Dragon is a symbol of power, strength, and good fortune with significant prominence in Chinese culture.

It is often depicted in various forms such as statues, carvings on traditional buildings and furniture, and intricate brocade designs.  Its prevalence extends to the Dragon zodiac year, marked by a surge in births as families hope for the prosperous blessings associated with Dragon offspring.

When delving into the significance of the Dragon in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, one must understand its origins and resultant role in these two disciplines.

The Dragon first appeared around 5000 years ago. Discovered by archaeologist as symbols in burial sites, for that is how Feng Shui first began. It is depicted as one of the four celestial creatures and is linked with the East direction, embodying unparalleled yang energy, strength, and success. Its strategic placement aligns with Feng Shui principles to activate positive energy flows and ensure auspicious outcomes for the descendants.

Subsequently, it came into the realm of the living, used in Feng Shui the Dragon serves to manipulate environmental energy, shaping the fortune of the living.

However, the Dragon’s immense significance as a symbol of power, strength, and auspiciousness was tightly regulated, reserved exclusively for the emperor and his officials, serving as an insignia of their authority and divine mandate to govern. The Dragon’s portrayal in art, architecture, and ceremonial regalia reinforced the hierarchical structure of the imperial court and emphasized the ruler’s divine right to rule. This exclusive use of the Dragon symbol underscored the emperor’s supremacy and the sacred nature of his reign, ensuring its association with imperial sovereignty and legitimacy remained unchallenged throughout Chinese history


The downfall of the dynastic eras saw the Dragon enter the household of the commoners.

The Dragon’s power extends beyond Feng Shui into Chinese Astrology, where the Dragon influences temporal energy, lending its power and might to affecting events of a particular year, extending to affecting the destiny of individuals.

The Year of the Dragon in Chinese Astrology refers to the Dragon’s energetic influence on the events and fortunes of that specific year, showcasing its temporal significance in shaping destinies.

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