Did you know that while the festivities of Chinese New Year span 15 days, the Year of the Dragon extends its potent influence across all 365 days?

When we refer to the Year of the Dragon, we are drawing from the discipline of Chinese Astrology.  Chinese Astrology is a three thousand year old discipline, readily traced to the Zhou Dynasty when it was already well ingrained in Chinese culture.  The discipline encompasses the study of celestial bodies’ positions and their influence on human affairs and natural events.  The energies manifested by these celestial bodies reflect the characteristics and behaviors of both real and mythical creatures in Chinese culture. This phenomenon is foundational to the development of the animal zodiacs within Chinese Astrology.

The year of the Dragon is the time when the powerful forces of the celestial configurations of the year are known to exude a potent and powerful energy akin to the Dragon’s traditional portrayal in Chinese culture as a formidable force to be reckoned with.  This energy encompasses qualities such as ambition, dominance, and resilience.  Characteristics of intensity, unpredictability, and assertiveness, dynamic and influential nature, are all to be expected from the year of the Dragon. 

The dynamic influence of the Year of the Dragon can be described as the collective destiny that impacts everyone throughout the year. Overlaying this overarching influence is the unique astrological profile of each individual, including their animal zodiac astrology. The interaction between the energies of the Dragon Year and the subtleties of each person’s astrological makeup will ultimately shape their journey through the year.

Let’s explore how the Dragon’s energy influences events in the current year

On the surface, we know that this year Wood energy is prominent and manifests as the Wood Dragon.  Within the framework of Five Element transformation principles, the wood element embodies notions of growth, expansion, vitality, and renewal. Thus, in a Wood Dragon year, we anticipate a period marked by profound growth, vitality, and rejuvenation. However, such a broad understanding of the Wood Dragon year proves overly simplistic and fails to offer substantive insight for navigating the year ahead. 

So what does the Year of the Wood Dragon really hold for us?  Stay tuned for my next post

Regardless of what the year holds, I always prioritize nurturing my core energies. Just like a sturdy house weathering a storm, strong foundations are key. You may have heard about the journey documented by Grand Designs New Zealand, following the construction of my custom Feng Shui home. Since settling in, the Feng Shui energies have continued to infuse my life with grace and purpose. Through tending to these fundamental pillars, I’ve created a sanctuary amidst life’s uncertainties, where I thrive with ease and serenity.

This is the power of Feng Shui – a privilege I’ve shared with clients worldwide over 30 years—a shield against the storms of turmoil and a pathway to soaring heights in their personal and professional lives. By aligning their environments with the harmonious energies of Feng Shui, I helped countless individuals fortify their foundations and transform spaces into sanctuaries of stability where they are empowered to thrive amidst chaos and primed to seize opportunities. Where others falter, my clients soar…

Who’s eager to unlock the secrets of Feng Shui and empower yourself to navigate the ever-changing tides of time with confidence and grace?  Contact me!

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