From Disuse to Flourish: The Resilient Transformation of Whangarei Quarry Gardens

From Disuse to Flourish: The Resilient Transformation of Whangarei Quarry Gardens.

Yesterday, we set aside time to lend our support to the local community by joining in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Whangarei Quarry Gardens.

As the name implies, these gardens originated from an abandoned and disused quarry. The accompanying photo captures the desolation that ensued after the mountain was hewn off, highlighting the transformative journey that has led to the flourishing space we now know as the Quarry Gardens.

This year as a result of the uncharacteristic cyclone strewn weather, the Garden suffered from a couple of major landslips. The remnants of two massive scars on the dragon mountain are fast healing. 

We were truly amazed at the remarkable efforts over less than a year – the destruction has been cleared, tons of earth and boulders moved, the bridge rebuilt and place extensively replanted —labour  of love from a steadfast group of dedicated volunteers. The resilience and commitment of the community to restore and enhance the Garden continue to deeply impress

This Garden is a true place of inspiration and a testimony of how the Human spirit can heal the Earth.  First the it shows how the power of a single being with vision can plant the seed that inspires and engages others to follow, and secondly the place is an enduring example of how human intent and activity can imbue a place with not only a spirit of contribution but an abiding sense of love that resonates throughout the space. 

Human impact on Earth is constant and relentless.  For as long as we exist, we will leave behind footprints.  It is much better that we leave ones with as little dent as possible.  But if those footprints are massive, then we must have the grace to restore and heal back the Earth, as the situation with the initial quarry.  At other times, nature can leave marks of its presence. Human love and inspiration can seamlessly integrate with these natural imprints, creating a harmonious blend of the man-made and the organic.

Our responsibility lies not only in minimizing the environmental impact but also in cultivating a legacy that reflects our reverence for the Earth. Through mindful restoration and purposeful creation, we have the power to leave behind footprints that not only tread lightly but also resonate with a timeless and inspiring beauty, becoming a testament to the enduring connection between humanity and the natural world.

Kim and I have been stout supporters of the Gardens in our own way; contributing a day out on our sailing vessel as a raffle price, this time last year we participating on an intensive weekend of conducted tours on our property showcasing our Feng Shui build for the Garden’s charity drive, and yesterday’s presence at the Festival activities.  Always after each visit, my heart hums with the delightful verdant energy of the space.   

Master Boon

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