October 2023

After Spring Storms

LESSONS FROM SPRING STORMS🌿🌦️ Laozi’s 老子wisdom, as conveyed in the Dao De Jing 道德经, harmoniously resonates with the profound relationship between nature and harmony. His teachings beautifully underscore the principle that, much like the rhythmic dance of the seasons and the dynamic interplay of nature’s forces, there is an appointed moment for all occurrences. 🍃🌿 […]

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Sunshine View

On Ditiantai, where Heaven and Earth unite, In the Dragon’s embrace, energies take flight. Beneath this bright, sunny, clear blue spring sky, Peace and serenity here our home lie. The Silver Fern, strength and resilience, they sway, Fantails dance their happiness in clear display. Valleys whisper stories, secrets kept with care, A calm blue sea

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DAO TEACHINGS FROM LAOZI from the Dao de Jing 上善若水,The Supreme Good is like water🌊, 水善利万物而不争, Which nourishes all things without trying to🦋🌱 处众人之所恶,It is content with the low places that people disdain🏞. 故几于道。 Thus it is like the Dao. In the wisdom of Laozi🧙🏻‍♂️, water is a metaphor for virtue because it exemplifies several

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