Nine years ago, on the eve of his passing, my father entrusted me with a Promise📝: to carry forward his legacy🎗 and share the authentic wisdom of Traditional Chinese Feng Shui 🌟 with the Western world.

This commitment is both an honour and a daunting responsibility. How am I to fulfil this monumental task?🏔 

So for  nearly a decade, that Promise📝 remained dormant. But life has not: Wrapping up my business and four decades living in Australia, meeting and marrying my soulmate💞, moved country🌏, and fulfilled🎉 my lifelong vision to build my very own ‘perfect Feng Shui house and garden🌟 🏡’. This was finally completed last year. 

Fast forward to June 5 2023, exactly nine years to the day my father passed away⚰️. I made a life-altering decision to step up, step out, and step into🧍🏻‍♀️my legacy🎗, which brings me before all of you today. 🌈💜

But what spurred this pivotal decision? In my introductory post on June 25th, I mentioned a crucial moment on June 1 that breathed life back into The Promise📝 I made to my father. Allow me to share the mystical and enchanting sequence of events that set it all into motion. 💫

The pivotal catalyst was the loss of a precious keepsake💔—a 24-carat gold-plated sacred talisman of Guru Padmasambhava Lotus Buddha🕉, a gift from my father half a century ago.

On May 31st, after a night at the opera, Kim and I returned to Arielle moored at The Viaduct. That’s when I realized my cherished Lotus Buddha talisman🕉🧿 was missing from around my neck. Panic set in as I scoured every inch of our vessel, and the search continued into the following morning as we prepared to set sail.

The crushing realization hit me that I must have lost the talisman during our night out. Tears streamed down my face😢. That talisman had been with me for five decades, 46 of those years spent living overseas far from home. I vividly remember the moment my father entrusted it to me, assuring me that it would watch over me. Kim, ever supportive, suggested that perhaps it would now watch over someone else in need. With heavy hearts, we had to cast off that morning to catch favourable winds for our voyage 🌊 home. Little did we know what lay ahead.

As we left our mooring at The Viaduct, a rainbow graced the Auckland skyline🌈🌆, with one end seemingly touching the Skytower. It followed us as we sailed past the city’s waterfront, over the shipping and container terminals, growing larger and more vibrant as we rounded North Head, forming a perfect arch with one end over North Head and the other beyond Browns Island. This was an incredibly uplifting moment for me since a rainbow is the sign of my father’s spirit presence. 

Sailing along Rangitoto Channel, the rainbow became a brilliant double arch in the distance behind our stern🌈⛵. It trailed us for a remarkable five hours, a comforting presence that I couldn’t ignore. It was as if my father was consoling me for the loss of the talisman. 

But the true significance of the events of the day only became evident later on.

The rainbow bid us farewell the moment Hui Hui’s Course Creation Challenge began at noon that very same day. I sensed then that this Challenge was important, and by Day 5, a profound epiphany struck me!💡

The timing was remarkably significant. My late father’s Chinese Lunar birthdate was June 4th, with his Gregorian birthdate on June 6th. He passed away on June 5th at the age of 88, a negotiated outcome with the ‘Force’ after a near-death experience two decades earlier. 📆

The way events unfurled—the lost talisman, the Rainbow’s accompaniment, the anniversary of my father’s passing jogging my memory of The Promise📝, Hui Hui IWU’s Course Creation Challenge— all converged to guide me. 🌈📚

It was as if my father’s spirit🌈😇 felt it was time for me to act, orchestrating the transformative sequence of events that unfurled over the serendipitous week of June. This awakening shocked me into awareness, rekindling my commitment to The Promise📝, and ignited an audacious Vision propelled by a renewed sense of purpose regarding my father’s profound legacy🎗. 

On June 6, I signed up for Hui Hui’s Course Creation Program📚, certain it will illuminate my way forward towards fulfilling The Promise📝 I made to my father🌈.

And so, here I am! 🙌🏻🌈💜

“My Vision is to channel my lifetime’s mastery of Feng Shui to inspire influential leaders to embrace its principles in shaping our built environment for the greater good of society—bringing peace and harmony to all.” 🌍✌🏻🏡

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