BEYOND ROUGH SEAS TO RADIANT DAYS: Navigating Life’s Turbulent Waters with Positive Mindset

BEYOND ROUGH SEAS TO RADIANT DAYS: Navigating Life’s Turbulent Waters with Positive Mindset

On a sunny Sunday like today, there is nothing like being back in our sanctuary reveling in the good life we’ve created for ourselves.

For me, embracing a life defined by health and vitality is not a mere choice; it is a must! Just as the invigorating morning cold shower that has become my steadfast routine; and my daily martial arts neigong training on the tranquil expanse of my deck has seamlessly become as integral to my daily life as breathing itself. 

Unfortunately, for many, their ailments are unknowingly caused by family background and unhealthy lifestyle choices.  Nonetheless, it’s never too late for change, and with my ‘goodie-two-shoes’ way of life (as Kim often teases) to continue to inspire Kim to embrace it as well.  it is now more evident than ever this change for Kim is a must; for the past few weeks had unfurled in a manner quite surreal…

Just a fortnight ago, Kim took on the monumental task of moving about 3 metric tons of road metal and pebbles to construct a pathway. This ambitious endeavor exacted a toll, leaving him utterly spent and in pain. 

So we found ourselves making an impromptu visit to the hospital on a Saturday night. In what felt like the blink of an eye, an initial evaluation led to an angiogram and, four days later, an ambulatory transfer to Auckland for a cardiac bypass. Life’s unwavering reminder that our ageless minds are encased within seven decades frame of living was duly noted—an insight we occasionally overlook.

It’s worth noting that our perception of the world can sway between two poles: a negative outlook that breeds complaints and a positive one that fosters gratitude.  Scientific evidence underscores that our outlook has a transformative impact on our physical health.  We were so tested beyond belief as we navigated the most turbulent and rough waters of our relatively new life together.

Being triaged at our regional hospital amidst an infrastructure creaking under its burden of responsibility, one can easily critique the level of care.  But the unwavering care and attention of the dedicated staff and doctors, despite their overwhelming burdens was exemplary. Our deep appreciation for this country’s healthcare system knows no bounds.

Similarly we consider ourselves blessed in our recent ordeal. What if it had unfolded while we were at sea under sail? Instead, it occurred within the familiar confines of our home, while Kim is relatively young and fit, with early warning signs that spared his heart from enduring lasting damage.

Amid our active and health-conscious lifestyle, it is easy to overlook the fact that Kim has a past that occasionally catches up with him. It is rather amusing that friends made in his later life affectionately dub him ‘Mr. Clean,’ while his lifelong friends would undoubtedly find this moniker quite amusing. Watching Kim’s healthy mindset in the aftermath of his recent ordeal fills me with optimism for a speedy recovery and many healthy and vibrant days ahead, sailing and hiking in our Paradise.

Every day, we find ourselves profoundly thankful for the gift of life we cherish here on Ditiantai.


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