Regained my sanity this morning awakened to this dawnlight.

On Friday spent a horrendous 9 hours on the road (normally less than 6) driving to Auckland and back) to pick Kim from Akl Intl airport.

Heading out via the coastal backroads due to last week’s cyclone damage and on the way back in torrential storm, surreal light and racing ahead of the fast rising floodwaters through the backroads to get home by 10pm. Just in the nick of time as the long stretches of the roads we left behind were impassable due to floods, slips or both, with Northland totally isolated😳. In haste to get through, missed some spectacular flood conditions so shall credit NZ New’s photos here.

4 unavoidable return road trips to Auckland in a month under adverse situations /conditions is rather trying. Before this, our last road trip was 3 years ago before Covid. Our preferred commute to Auckland is by sail and we catch good weather windows. Certainly these road trips weren’t by choice!

Pleased to revert to our hermit life here on Ditiantai, the place where Heaven and Earth Unite🌈

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