Feng Shui – wind and water and plenty of it!!!!

It’s been a crazed couple of weeks. A 36 hours journey home from Malaysia, the last leg driving myself home taking 4 hours having to detour the fallen trees and landslips on the roads after the horrific rainstorm and floods on NZ’s Anniversary Day 30 Jan ….
Then a week later organising Kim’s last minute flight to the UK to see mom for the last time. Short notice it’s impossible to get domestic flight or long distance bus. So I was off for the 200km return trip to Auckland Int airport again, driving the long detours as the storm damage was not fully cleared – an 8 hour return journey instead of 6 hours.
Then couple of days later a dear friend came up from Akl after settling her daughter in school for a short holiday with me before heading back to Singapore. Just managed a beach walk and visit to my friend’s garden yay!!! before the cyclone ravaged her garden and ‘marooned on a South Pacific island in a cyclone🌀’. 5 days without power, means no water, cooking, light or even communication as half the phone towers in affected Northland were down. Meant quality time catching up with my friend whilst watching the storm through the lounge window like watching a big screen movie.
My friend’s flight was cancelled and three successive bus trips were too. So yours truly took to the wheel again, this time leaving it to as long as possible for Cyclone Gabrielle to move south, and for any loosened trees or earth to fall. We left at crack of dawn so we can see the road and spot any slips, tree or live wire hazards. So, another 4 hour trip down and a 5 hour trip back – to still no power… sigh…. Finally power back on Thursday evening – 5 days with no power.
But am so grateful Jiji and Weiji stood her ground, a testimony to excellent Feng Shui siting🙏🏻🙂. Some tall tea trees laid to rest by the wind, and no damage to my plantings. I had a blooming franjipanni in my courtyard which remained tranquil and the flowers were still on the plant! Winds raging at 130kph. Ditiantai especially Jiji our home is protected from all directions except East Southeastly, even so we must have been tucked sufficiently in the embrace of the dragon where the winds mostly got deflected upwards by the bushes in front.
Early news from neighbours – sadly damaged windows that just buckled and collapsed. Others water blown through closed windows and soaked curtains and carpets. A solar panel took off. Lake in their lawn, tree fell on her car… but most importantly everyone I know is safe.
Again, I can’t stress enough about the importance of build location. If you have the chance to choose your site orientate your build, please do so!!! I observed so many houses that suffered ravages from the cyclone were not located safely from a Feng Shui/ and yes, commonsense perspective. One must locate not only to be protected from severe weather but also for the right vitality /harmonising energy blueprint to nurture all within.
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