New Year over Ditiantai

Another day ends and another day dawns. Every day, the fundamentals are the same, the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, creatures awake as others go to sleep, life begins and ends, yet we lord this one out of 364 days as a special day. This one day in a yearly cycle will not bring us the changes or the happiness we wish for, if we just float along on our rudderless raft.
The ancients have the saying that ‘Tian Di Ren’ (translates as Heaven, Earth and Man) governs our fortune. By Heaven, they mean a person’s destiny, Earth refers to the energies in our surrounding environment i.e. Feng Shui energies, and Human refers to our behaviours, actions and endeavours.
A person’s destiny is set from the time they are born, a predestined path of phases of good and not so good. But destiny only governs a third of life’s fortune.
The other third of our fortune is governed by the Human component. This part is totally within our control, however it might take a while. It is only through realising where we are, having the vision of where we want to be, knowing what we need to do plus putting the effort in to get us there will ultimately bring the satisfaction and joy when vision becomes reality. Each day is the same if we allow it to be, and marking a special day in itself won’t make it any different. But if we seize the day and be the captain of our ship, we will eventually get to our port. Meanwhile, there will invariably be storms to face and doldrums to weather. With an attitude of learning, we will gain the wisdom and experience to better steer our ship and with the right attitude enjoy the voyage
Now my favourite is the Earth/Feng Shui component that governs the remaining third of our fortune. Set your Feng Shui right, in good times it will be like the wind in your sails, and in bad times it will be the safety net for your fall. It is quick, benefits can be felt within days, and can be as simple as changing the door or the room you use, or the direction you sleep or sit at your desk in your living or work environment. This Earth/Feng Shui component which is a third of a your fortune is often unbeknownst and ignored. My expertise in this area can transform your vision into reality.


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