Christmas Tree Viewing

A Feng Shui blessed life, a day out and about in our playground. It is such a glorious day. Finally, after a very wet La Nina year, summer is here! So time for our favourite past time – sailing.
Blessed we are indeed. To have this 100 sqkm water way as our playground just 10 min drive from home and 10 min to launch our dinghy to get to Arielle and we are off on the water. What’s even more blessed is that although Whangarei harbour is a commercial waterway, it is relatively pristine. What I have observed is that there is a sense of respect for this place, and the place rewards us with protection from the full force of the Pacific Ocean, gives bountiful harvest for the keen fisherfolks, scenic walks and beaches for recreation.
Today we are off ‘shooting the pohutakawa with my canon’! This time of year the Metrosideros excelsa, New Zealand Christmas tree, is ablaze. Our favourite spot for viewing her is on the side of Breamhead Dragon. This area is truly special because it is virgin bush, never been felled. This would be what the whole coastal Northland would have looked like before human habitation. There is a palpable sense of timelessness and serenity here. What better time to view New Zealand’s Christmas Tree than on Christmas Day.
Sharing a joyous festive season here with you. May you and your family have a glorious time with family and friends!!!


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