Feng Shui For Enriching Lives

98home.com Journal, Vol 1, 2005
Feng Shui for Enriching Lives

Have you ever ensured the general wellbeing of the people in your home, or the success of your business through the application of Feng Shui?

As a proud residential owner, irrespective whether you are a first timer, a seasoned renovator or building your dream home, similar questions will spring to mind. They will range from the very practical โ€“ Should I use an architect or a draughtsman? Do I use an interior designer or will every member of my family and friends have their say? Which builder should I engage? Can I keep within budget?; to the sublime โ€“ How should I organise my space? What design theme should I go for? What colour scheme would work?

We spend many hours and dollars deliberating over these tangibles. But how many of you ever gave a thought to ensure the very essence of your wellbeing in this very precious space you call home?

For many of us, constructing, designing and decorating is all about visuals. But for the initiated, the incorporation of Feng Shui from the very beginning pays handsome rewards. It is insurance against rough times and a herald for the good times.

For commercial property developments, construction of manufacturing facilities, office or shophouse refurbishment, the issues is comparable. The benefits of Feng Shui are to ensure that business progresses smoothly. For property developments with good Feng Shui design and layout mean the properties will sell well. For commercial buildings incorporating good Feng Shui mean the business will be buffered during hard-times outside our control and prosper during the good times.

So neglecting to consider Feng Shui is tantamount to building without due thought of a floor-plan. A floor-plan consolidates the flow and look of space, a Feng Shui plan determines how the space and look should flow.

Feng Shui is unique to the individual building and the occupants. What is good for the goose may not be for the gander. A masterful practitioner is able to bring together different schools of thought and skilfully apply Feng Shui to benefit all occupants, including optimisation for each key individual.

The earlier you incorporate Feng Shui in your building project, the better able to attain the most favourable Feng Shui solution. A Feng Shui consultant should be the first person to engage in your project, working in close association with your architect, builder and designer.

After all, our home is the most expensive item most of us will ever own in our lives. We spend at least half our time in this space. Our home embodies our personality and represents our inner sanctity. For business owners and operators, having good Feng Shui at home and at work is the solid path to success and wellbeing.

Apply Feng Shui now. It is never too late. Feng Shui has the ability to not merely ensure our general wellbeing, but the power to enrich our lives.

What is Feng Shui?

An ancient science and the modern art of application.

As a science, it is about: possessing the knowledge of the Yi Jing Ba Gua; forms and its location relative to compass direction; key principles, theory, heuristics and methodologies; determining energy flows as carried by road, water, pathways, corridors and knowing where it gathers; understanding the influence of time.

As an art, it is about applying the above knowledge. It involves cultivating oneโ€™s skill and intuition to not only foretell the luck bestowed by the environment, but to correct for it by harnessing auspicious energies and avoiding the bad.

It is about the truth of seeking harmony and balance. It is the law of nature and humankind.

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