A Guide to Tips on Office Feng Shui

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A Guide to Tips on Feng Shui

By Master Boon, Feng Shui for Enriching Lives

Office Feng Shui
The scope of this article cannot cover all there is to know and apply in Office Feng Shui. I will discuss things to consider that which is common to all the schools and go into more detail using one system. This is to show that anyone can reap the benefits, if due care and attention to proper classical Feng Shui is employed, even if it is only on a cubicle space. In the hope that you can start to do something for yourself. Of course, nothing can replace consulting a qualified expert. If you wish to go down this path, I hope the following information will help you better select a knowledgeable consultant who has your interest at heart. Because, when Feng Shui is applied appropriately, plus the determination to take responsibility for our own behaviour and actions (Human Luck), benefits will flow.

Depending on the system or school of classical Feng Shui employed, the breadth and depth of considerations and solutions may vary. My father Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai, is a great advocate of combining the various schools and systems in any consultation, to find the ultimate solution for the client. A unique quality that distinguishes this lineage from many others.

Feng Shui principles used for the office should be the same as for the home. For instance, in both residence and office, the main door is the most important consideration. However, the practicalities of focus will vary as the use and function of the space within differ significantly: e.g. there is no kitchen to consider, but instead the key executive’s office becomes the focus of attention, and there is the conference room and reception area that will need consideration.

As with any property, the external environment needs to be reviewed, followed by the shape of the building itself. Because most of you do not have a choice in this matter, I will not discuss it here. But some of you may have the choice of selecting the office suite within a building and this is where I shall begin my discussion. Of course, if you were contemplating setting up new or total renovation of your Office Suite, then this would be the ideal moment to consult Feng Shui. You can then design the whole office to optimize the Feng Shui of the place, taking fully into consideration how Qi settles according to time aspects, to match the personal best Feng Shui for key individuals. Plus the possibility of designing the office layout, workflow and walkways to harness many of the powerful San He formulae.

Major Considerations
In authentic classical Feng Shui, the doorway is a major consideration in determining the Feng Shui of a place. Therefore, as for the home, the location and direction of the door is of utmost importance and should be in accordance with favourable ‘Qi’. This holds true for the main entrance to the building, the entrance to the office suite, and to your individual office.

The next most important area is the office of the person in charge. Location of the office, the desk, the place the executive sits and the direction faced must be favourable. This holds true for all personnel too, but there is often limited availability of sectors with good energies. Good Feng Shui for the person in charge tends to bring good fortune to the business, thereby ensuring the wellbeing of the rest of the personnel. Of course, if the layout for the rest of the staff can be optimised, not only can they also enjoy personal good fortune, but the business will be able to reap added value. This same principle is even more important for those in open plan set-ups with only a cubicle space, maybe only a desk, as you do not have the benefit of harnessing good Feng Shui through careful use of door orientation.

The next area that requires consideration is the conference room where strategic decisions are made and business deals struck.

Finally, but not least, is the reception area. This is the place where first impressions matter. Allow sufficient space for benevolent Qi to gather and distribute evenly to the rest of the suite. This buffer zone is important to take up and dissipate any destructive forces that may enter from time to time.

Harnessing Benevolent and Avoiding Malevolent Qi
There are various ways to analyse the quality of Qi in a space, depending on the School or System of Feng Shui employed. This topic is too vast to cover in this article. However. I shall give you some easily identifiable guidelines that have significant contributory influence for all situations. And provide practical insight to how to use one of the most effective Systems.

Common Guidelines:
The following is based on understanding the visible concept of Feng Shui called Xing Fa (形法) often loosely referred to as the ‘Form School.

  1. Avoid having your Suite located directly above a car park lot that brings destabilising energy from the movement of vehicles.
  2. Avoid having your Office Suite face an elevator, escalator or stairwell that can immediately carry away your good Qi or bring an onrush of negative Qi.
  3. Avoid having your Suite or your peronal Office located at the end of, and directly facing a long hallway or corridor.
  4. A reasonable size foyer is useful for buffering against negative Qi and collecting positive Qi.
  5. Avoid placing your desk under an exposed beam.
  6. Avoid having your back to a window or door.
  7. Avoid a protruding corner pointing directly at you.

Evaluating Qi using Ba Zhai Eight Mansions
The following guidance is drawn from the Ba Zhai School that is one of the most effective and easy to use Schools of Feng Shui that relies on systematic formulae to determine Li Qi (理氣) i.e. the location and quality of Qi.

There are two ancient Treatise describing this method, one works and the other was intended to mislead. The one that our lineage has used very effectively over the years, is very powerful. It is identifiable from the other as we match the person’s calculated Life Gua to the Gua’s four auspicious compass directions to obtain favourable Qi. We do not try to match the House Gua to the Gua’s four auspicious directions as this is not applicable.

For simplicity, all people with the Life Gua numbers of 1, 3, 4 and 9 are East Group people, and those with Life Gua numbers 2, 6, 7, and 8 are West Group people. For East Group people. your four auspicious directions are East, North, South and Southeast and your four inauspicious directions are West, Southwest, Northwest and Northeast. The converse goes for West Group people: your four auspicious directions are West, Southwest, Northwest and Northeast and your four inauspicious directions are East, North, South and Southeast. To find out your Life Gua number, please email boonfengshui@gmail.com providing your date of birth.

You should choose doorways that enter from your auspicious direction and select a location in the office that corresponds to your auspicious sector. For example. if you are an East Group person, select a door that faces (enters from) the East, North, South or Southeast, and avoid doors that face West, Southwest, Northwest and Northeast.

To select your office location, try to choose the East, North, South or Southeast of your Office suite. Similarly, locating your desk, try to place it in the East, North, South or Southeast area of your Office, and try to seat yourself facing any of your four auspicious directions even if it means you need to sit at a slant if there is no way you can reposition your desk.

A cautionary note for this year. Avoid moving your desk to the West and Northwest. If you are already located in these sectors, do not move your desk until the Chinese Year is over post 4 February 2006.

There is much more to this System that allows you to tap each specific quality of Qi. For example, if you wish to harness power and authority, to command respect and attention in leading a project, or if you wish to overcome an infection, you can evoke these Qi For Life Gua #1 person, you would simply face the Southeast diection to tap your Power and Authority Qi or East to tap your good health Qi. There is timing involved here to. You may wish to find the most powerful time to succeed in a negotiaion.

For Feng Shui to be effecitve, one should obtain access to an authentic Classical System that works. The only way to do this is to track down a lineage that is reputable and a practitioner who is credible to consult, or learn from. If you are interested to pursue this fascinatingly beneficial wisdom, I shall be conducting another class in late October 2005 and shall be pleased to hear from you.

May you have an enriching life,

Master Boon

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