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A Guide to Tips on Feng Shui

By Master Boon, Feng Shui for Enriching Lives

The ancient wisdom of Feng Shui is once again popular - due in part to the media and proliferation of books. 
This has been good.  Now, many people consider incorporating good Feng Shui into their homes and offices.  For many years, Feng Shui languished unrealised or unappreciated by the layperson, remaining in the domain of those who had access to the knowledge, either directly or via Masters they happened to know.  But now it stands a good chance of gaining credibility and respect that it so deserves.


But popularity has a downside.  Without due respect of Feng Shui’s intricacies (e.g. the various schools and methodologies), and specificities (e.g. no two cases can be identical), we are in danger of abusing this sacred knowledge, so instead of bringing harmony and all things good, we could cause misfortune.

As a reader in search of Feng Shui tips and guides, please be open minded yet critical of all you read.   Question whether the material is based on a solid foundation of the classics that has been tested through time, and whether the author is credible and preceded by reputation. Or has the material been inspired by our fast-paced modern world of commercial pursuits? If it appears convincing to you, take measured steps to test it out.  But be wary, unlock your intuitive side and listen to the energies around.  Rejoice when it works but if for some inexplicable reason it does not feel good, then stop and reverse the change. 

Ever wondered why great Masters in the past seldom wrote in the popular press?  Because they recognised that for a discipline that is so holistically complex, it is difficult to communicate these gems in linear isolation, yet retain their value to the layperson. Tips from one with limited knowledge or practical experience should be regarded with utmost caution, particularly anything that relates to water features.


The different schools of Feng Shui are Ba Zhai (八宅), San He (三合
), San Yuan (三元) and Xuan Kong Da Gua (玄空大卦).  Within each school, there are many heuristics and methodologies of application depending on the lineage one belongs.  Derived by the ancients, these heuristics depict landforms and their location according to compass directions.  From here one must then understand the theory of forms (形法) and the science of Qi (理氣) to know what to look for and how to extrapolate this to our modern urban context, plus how to harness the good Qi and avoid the bad.   The theory of forms relate to the visible physical features of nature and their shape, form, contour, appearance, conformation and flow.  The science of Qi relates to the invisible forces of nature, its quality, direction, influence, flow and the influence of time. Methodologies relate to how some of the more complex systems are practically applied.   Together, they make for excellent Feng Shui and dispel doubts whether Feng Shui works.  But applied in part they can not only render Feng Shui ineffectual, but cause distress and give credence to the disbelievers.

To reap the full benefits of this precious wisdom, the discipline must be understood and applied in all its entirety, otherwise we can easily trip.  For instance, a particular location in a property may hold good Qi according to San He, but during particular periods of time whether a 20 year cycle, annual, monthly or even daily, other overlying energies prevail.  Furthermore, these energies may not affect every occupant in the same manner. 


So be wary! Feng Shui is for the individual specific situation.  It can be applied to a single room, to a multistorey building, or an entire property development.  Whatever the situation, the proper application of Feng Shui can render wonderful benefits. Generalisations can help, but are limited.  Having said that, I know many of you still wish to gain from reading reliable sources.  So come by and visit me on this site, recommend a friend.  I hope to guide you towards this fascinating and rewarding journey into Feng Shui.   

It is my vision that this ancient science will again take a prominent position in our everyday lives, bringing harmony, prosperity and all things good to humankind.

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