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This florist, renowned for her breath-taking floral arrangements, has been a cherished client since my arrival in New Zealand. Together, we embarked on a journey four years ago to enhance the Feng Shui of her home and retail shop.

Amidst our challenging quest for a suitable workshop, fate intervened with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a blessing in disguise, sparing her from the burden of dead rent during lockdowns and prompting a successful pivot to online delivery operations from her garage.

It’s a poignant reminder that when supported by Feng Shui, what initially appears as adversity can indeed be blessings in disguise.

Now, as she expands her business, I’ve had the pleasure of guiding her towards creating a space that seamlessly integrates her retail showroom with her workspace. Every aspect, from the layout for display to the workflow, from workbenches to practicalities of accessing the cold room and storage, has been meticulously considered to harness the energies of the space in support of her business’s growth and prosperity.

Reflecting on this journey, her heartfelt appreciation in this testimonial speaks volumes.  It’s a tangible demonstration of the transformative impact Feng Shui can have on businesses, steering them towards prosperity.

As we press onward, I’m reminded of the profound influence of positive energy in shaping environments. With each project, I witness first-hand the remarkable power of aligning spaces for harmony and balance, paving the way for prosperity to flourish.

Visionaries, are you ready to unlock the potential of Feng Shui to propel you towards wealth, health, and prosperity? Join me for a transformative 3-day workshop!

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Client Testimonial – A recent testimonial. Since these photos of the shop and her works, I had provided Feng Shui consultation on her home, garage workspace and her husband’s career.

Now that her business is blossoming (😁pun intended!), we had recently located a retail shop that we are currently fitting out as her new workshop and office as her business.

  1. I received the most gorgeous thank you from my client Diana.
  • Diana the multiple award winning florist – The Botanist Florist. She was putting together this bouquet for me.💐
  • This was the space that I focused my Feng Shui advice on at that time.  Because this served as The Botanist’s main business venue while we were actively searching for a workspace/office.
  • – 6 The next 3 photos are from her creations… unique composition that are bold, sumptuous, gorgeous all at the same time!


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