Christmas Greetings and Peace to All 2023

Growing up in a Muslim country, immersed in the wisdom of Dao and Buddhist teachings, where festivities of Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Daoism were all joyfully celebrated, and navigating the corridors of a Methodist and Catholic Convent Missionary system, my spiritual journey was a mosaic of faiths. Even my first love was from the Jewish faith😁.

Through this unique exposure, I’ve discerned the core of each belief system. While I’ve found resonance with Buddhism and the Dao, a universal chorus uniting them all —each path advocates compassion and kindness. They are diverse routes leading to a shared destination. Much like the Yinyang philosophy, a reminder to embrace the middle path, steering clear of the extremes of dogma and fundamentalism that distort the essence of these teachings. 🌟
My prayer room is a sanctuary where, in the quietude, I find solace🙏🏻.

Allow me to share this prayer, and perhaps, the beauty lies in filling the blanks with your own faith:

“In the sacred teachings and assembly of [Your Faith], I take refuge. In my wisdom and compassion practice, May I attain [Your Aspiration] for the sake of all sentient beings.

I express gratitude for the lessons, the gifts, and the deeds bestowed upon me. May all sentient beings find happiness and the cause of happiness, May they be free from suffering and the cause of suffering, May they never be separated from sorrowless bliss, May they be liberated from anger, attachment, and bias. “

Gratitude fills my heart for the lessons learned, the gifts received, and the deeds done. As we traverse the diverse landscapes of belief, let us unite in understanding, compassion, and the shared goodness that threads through all religions. In this Christmas season, may the spirit of universal love and kindness illuminate our hearts. 🖖🏻🎄💖

Growing up in a Muslim country

Brought up on the Dao and Buddhist teachings

Schooled in a Methodist and Catholic Convent Missionary system

With friends of all faith and my first boyfriend from the Jewish faith

I have been exposed to these faiths and know the fundamental believes and practices. I have come to my own conclusion as to the one that resonates deeply with me.  However, I have also come to the conclusion that they all teach compassion and kindness.  They are different roads to the same goal. As in everything, there is the middle path that is the best, in this I mean dogma, fundamentalism, they are extremes of the pendulum.  The core, the centre, the equal connectedness of both, yet the staying calm and centred and good is the essence of the Yinyang Dao teachings. 


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