Embracing a New Era

Embracing a New Era: My Inaugural Feng Shui Workshop Returns! 

A new chapter unfolds as I conducted my inaugural 2×2 Hours Feng Shui Workshop, marking the dawn of a new era.

This workshop wasn’t just a shift to the digital realm; it was a chance to share my wisdom practice live online, connecting with a global audience—all from the comfort of my office on my bush property in the Antipodes! 

More than two decades ago, we used to conduct classes in different parts of the world to reach our audience.  Even so, Feng Shui practitioners traversed the globe to attend.

Heartfelt Gratitude and Global Participation

My sincere thanks go out to the dedicated participants of the workshop, especially one participant committing to the 2am start and those from Down Under who rose at dawn for our 6 am start.

Together, we raised an impressive USD 1078 for The Kiwi Coast Project Northland. This initiative supports, enables, and connects community-led kiwi recovery throughout Northland, working towards creating New Zealand’s first kiwi corridor.

 Unveiling the Wisdom of Feng Shui

The insights from my workshop are truly unique you won’t find elsewhere.

🌈Real Traditional Feng Shui: Offering an authentic understanding of Traditional Feng Shui.

🌈Appreciation of Energies in Our Surroundings: Revealing the presence of energies in our surroundings, their impact on us, and how we can avoid the negative or channel them positively.

🌈Personal Energy Archetypes: Discover your unique personal energy archetype. Learn to identify supportive and disruptive energies, thereby shaping your space for personal harmony and benefiting loved ones.

What made these two immersive hours truly special for me wasn’t just the new platform to share my wisdom practice.  They were a heartfelt dedication to a legacy in honor of my father, a pioneer who ignited the flame of Traditional Chinese Feng Shui in the West beginning in the ’80s with his first classes in the UK. 

This isn’t solely about passing on a traditional wisdom practice or making a promise; it’s an invitation to usher in a new era of Feng Shui. My vision transcends mere individual transformation—it resonates with a collective metamorphosis. Going beyond the conveyance of traditional wisdom, I envision weaving a tapestry of peace and harmony into our built environment—an aspirational vision that knows no cultural or geographical boundaries

Curious to explore how ancient wisdom can empower you to manifest your boldest dreams and transcend limitations?  Hear what those who’ve experienced it say!

Interested to join me on my next Workshop?  Together we will ignite your prosperity in health, wealth and thriving relationships!!!

Comment “Yes!”


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