Feng Shui advice on property purchase

I am currently working on the Feng Shui of a house purchase that is about to settle and they have come to me for advice on a suitable move-in date and arrangement of furniture. Feng Shui is much more than just arrangement of furniture (and it is certainly not about ‘having a bamboo plant here or placing a water feature there’!). More about move-in date in my next post.
Often, as with my clients, people do not think to seek Feng Shui advice with their initial property search. My clients are about to settle on a property riddled with fundamentals of bad Feng Shui that could easily have been identified and the property left well alone.
Why is it that so many architects/developers insist on placing toilet bowls above main entry doors? I’m astonished how many properties I’d consulted had this design feature, regardless of country and culture! This is where Feng Shui meets common sense. What if there is a leak? Or what is the spatial aesthetics behind placing a flight of stairs to confront the occupant soon as the open their entrance door? Neither makes good sense nor is conducive to good Feng Shui. There are always ways around these design challenges, I have seen them and I have created them.
So what does the buyer do at this stage!? Interestingly last month I had a similar case, but fortunately the client was able to pull out of the settlement with a legitimate reason, and now retained my services for help with their search. But that is not always an option and there is another way. Stay tuned in my future posts.
Important advice for those who are considering consulting Feng Shui for your property purchase. Write into your Purchase Contract that Settlement is ‘subject to Feng Shui appraisal’.
The sooner you incorporate Feng Shui in your living space the more benefits you will reap from Feng Shui. Don’t wait till you are in your place then expect your Feng Shui master to fix your energies. It is a bit like buying a run down shack and getting your builder to make it right for you but you’ve tied his hands. Ground your property on good Feng Shui principles by taking preventative measures is good sense. Expecting to correct bad Feng Shui through mitigation and remedial methods is not as effective but can be done. However, getting your Feng Shui attended to is better than to continue suffering further losses.


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