The Wood Dragon embodies notions of growth, expansion, vitality, and renewal. So we would anticipate a period marked by profound growth, vitality, and rejuvenation correct?

However, such a broad understanding of the Wood Dragon year proves overly simplistic and fails to offer substantive insight for navigating the year ahead.

Genuine astrology operates with precision and foresight. True Masters delve deep into BaZi (Eight Characters 八字) of the specific Dragon year to discern its true essence and the events it will precipitate.

The BaZi of the 2024 Wood Dragon is depicted in my image here with the colours representing the Five Elements Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

These Eight Characters serve as a foundational framework for understanding the intricate web of cosmic energies that shape events. Each of the Eight Characters corresponds to one of the five elements—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water—and possesses its own unique energetic signature. By analyzing the interactions and relationships between the energies symbolized by each character, the Masters gain profound insights into the year’s Characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and the underlying forces shaping the year.

The Masters can anticipate events, challenges, and opportunities and also discern the likelihood and intensity of these events.  Refer to the Chinese characters that form the Eight Characters BaZi.

The BaZi of this Wood Dragon year reveals a complex creature, almost akin to possessing multiple personas. Surface appearances suggest harmony.  We foretell this by observing the five elements represented by each of the top four characters. Read from right to left aligning perfectly to generate Wood, which in turn produces Fire, Earth, and Metal in absolute perfect sequence.

Yet, beneath the surface, the four bottom characters that are the foundational energies of the year unveil multiple clashes among each other. These four bottom characters depict the zodiac animals from right to left, Dragon, Tiger, Dog and Monkey .  Their presence bring energy cashes, Tiger clashes with Monkey, Dragon clashes with Dog (foundation principles of BaZi).  Down another level, there are the combinations of wood zodiac energy clash of Metal chopping Wood and Water quelling Fire.  Conflict brews amongst these energies.  Given the Dragon’s penchant for grandeur, a tumultuous journey lies ahead.

The very foundations we rely upon are poised to undergo significant upheaval. Elements once taken for granted may swiftly erode beneath our feet. Beneath the veneer of apparent consensus lurk concealed power dynamics and covert agendas, waiting to be unearthed. What was previously shrouded in clandestine manipulation may soon come to light, unveiling pronounced power struggles and consequential shifts in political landscapes. This year is poised to mold the trajectory of global politics and recalibrate power structures in ways that may not be immediately evident.

Yet, the Dragon is also a harbinger of good fortune, and we do have the harmonizing energies showing up, suggesting that amidst the challenges, opportunities abound. This dynamic paints a picture akin to oscillating between periods of clear skies and turbulent weather.

So how do we traverse this Dragon year unscathed?  Would you like to know, Contact me

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