The art and science of Feng Shui has often been misunderstood by many and what better way to demystify this ancient science than by having it explained by an academically trained scientist, Boon Yap.

With credentials running into pages, having Boon, or Master Boon to many, unravel ancient feng shui sounds relatively easy. There are no technical mambo-jumbos and the explanation is, well, simple.

Having been trained by grandmaster of feng shui Yap Cheng Hai, who also happens to be her father, Master Boon was naturally drawn to this art since young and has been practising it throughout her life. With her mainstream career well and truly underway, she began to pursue her feng shui passion with more vigour in the late 1990s and haven’t turned back ever since.

Her life imitates the duality of yin and yang. Currently Director of an Australian firm, C.M. Whittington & Associates Pty. Ltd., Master Boon is not only involved in both local and international technology trade and business consulting, she also offers her feng shui expertise to all those interested.